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Use your insurance

Use Your Insurance

Welcome to The View Optique, a one-stop shop for all of your eyewear needs. We understand that purchasing eyewear can be expensive, therefore we encourage our clients to consider using their insurance benefits to cover some or all of the expense.

Since many insurance policies cover eye exams, glasses, and lenses, it's important to know what your health plan covers and how to take use of your benefits. The following advice will help you get the most out of your insurance:

Understand your plan: It's critical to know what your insurance policy covers before visiting The View Optique. To find out what benefits you have, get in touch with your insurance company or review your plan's paperwork.

Look for providers who are in-network: Many insurance plans have a provider network that they collaborate with. To maximize your benefits, confirm that The View Optique is accepted by your insurance provider.

Schedule an eye exam: Routine eye exams, which are essential for maintaining healthy eyesight, are covered by many insurance policies. Make an appointment with one of our skilled optometrists to have a thorough eye examination.

Select your frames: After receiving your prescription, it's time to select your eyewear. We have a large collection of eyeglasses from renowned designers at The View Optique, so you may choose the ideal set that matches your style and price range.

Be aware of your lens choices: Some lens alternatives, such progressive lenses or coatings to reduce glare, might be covered by your insurance. You can choose the ideal lenses for your needs with the aid of our expert team, who can also explain your alternatives to you.

File your claim: Following your consultation, we can assist you in filing your insurance claim. In order to guarantee that you obtain the greatest benefit permitted by your plan, we will liaise with your insurance provider.

It's simple and convenient to use your insurance benefits at The View Optique. We'll guide you through the procedure so you can acquire the eyewear you require for crystal-clear vision and a stunning appearance.

Make an appointment with us right away to begin using your insurance benefits!